Make up is all about application!

Today make-up is an integral aspect of a refined image. So much so that one should never go out in public without a basic application of makeup aka (the natural look).

As a makeup artist, I don’t simply conduct a consultation with a client but I feel it is my obligation to ensure that the resulting image is one that reflects their personal preferences and still flatters their features. The key to flawless make up is, without question, facial sculpting called contouring. Contouring is a tricky thing to get right but often it is the secret behind some the most fabulous celebrity red carpet make up looks.

Whatever your occasion may be, whether it is a Wedding or Evening Gala, a 20-year high school reunion, a business lunch or a photo shoot, we can find the perfect look for you and your event.


Day Time Fresh Make Up 60$ / 40 min Session

Evening Make Up 80$ / 1 hour Session

Bridal Make Up 140$ / 1 hour Session (+ Pre Consultation)


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