Personal Styling

What does a Personal Stylist do? A personal stylist is a stylist whose job it is to guide you through the world of Fashion, today’s hottest trends, the delicacies of evening dress, and the rigid roles of business decorum, all the while easing the problem of organizing all these diverse worlds into your personal wardrobe with a hands on personal shopping excursion.


The service provided by a personal stylist is one of the most important steps in creating an individual style (with the capital S) of the client but it is a joint project. You must work as a team so that together we can create an image that reflects your goals. Most people consult a personal stylist because they are looking to change so it’s important to keep that goal in mind as we update your present look. I can only make recommendations; the change is up to you. The success of our work together is your new look and this will depend largely on our mutual understanding. It will require trust and resolve on your part to be the change you seek. There are only three essential steps and two extra (optional) stages of personal styling:


  1. Personal Consultation (Signature Style Session) 340$ / 3 hour session
  2. Closet clarity 200$ / 2 hour Session
  3. Shopping  assisting 120$ / 1 hour Session
  4. In-Home Styling Session 140$ / 1 hour Session
  5. Wardrobe organization 230$ / 2 hour Session
  6. A personal LOOKBOOK of you new images 400$ / 1 hour Session (Photographer and Muah included)
  7. Special Occasion Styling 340$ / One Image Set
  8. Bridal Styling (Full Package) 2700$ / Shopping Assistance, Alteration, Hair&Makeup artists


1)So, let’s first start with the one-on-one (individual) consultation. What should you expect from our first essential meeting?


Image transformation starts at home so no better place to start there. It is crucial for a stylist to see not only a person but also the wardrobe itself in order to clearly understand what we are dealing with. It is my aim to put you at ease, not to embarrass you. Remember the personal stylist is here to help you see and know yourself better.


Usually it takes at least 2 hours to discuss and consider new image ideas. During our session we are going to define your inner (intrinsic) style. What colors are complementary to your coloring and which to avoid. How to make the most of your most and the least of your least, in other words how to flatter every part of you so that your clothes adorn you, not just cover you. We will consider 3F’s Form, Fashion and Function. Lastly,Color! Everything from how to coordinate colors and accessories for your style and facial shape (believe me that matters).


  1. Secondary, let’s talk wardrobe-seriously. This is the most dramatic moment of your new style transformation session, because we begin to clearing out your wardrobe. The goal is to analyze your existing wardrobe, so that you will be able to understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. By the end of this stage your wardrobe will be free of unnecessary pieces which can be set aside for either donation or regifting purposes. Others will be slated for alteration and still others will be deemed unsalvageable. Finally, we are ready to make a list of what you really need for this seasons look. Only when it’s said and done we will discuss a reasonable budget and schedule the shopping day.
  2. Shopping Day – so it’s come to this. The final stage of our collaboration.


Equipped with the list of essentials and budget in hand from stage (2) we will approach the final stage with a plan of attack. As the general of this fashion campaign it’s my responsibility to investigate mall’s and boutiques so that when S_day (shopping day) dawns, I can present you with several variations on the complete looks that suit your taste and budget. This will be the most exciting and productive shopping ever. How can you not love it when you don’t have to worry about the hunt and there is literally zero stress about budget?


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